Chan Ve Lyrics – Teefa In Trouble | Ali Zafar & Aima Baig

Chan Ve Lyrics From Teefa In Trouble (2018):-

Singers: Ali Zafar & Aima Baig
Lyrics: Ali Zafar
Music: Naqash Haider
Music Label: Junglee Music
Movie: Teefa In Trouble
Cast: Ali Zafar & Maya Ali
Director: Ahsan Rahim

Chan Ve song is the first song from upcoming romantic action comedy film Teefa In Trouble. This love song is sung by Ali Zafar and Pakistani female singer Aima Baig. Chan Ve Lyrics are written by Pakistani song-writer Ali Zafar and music is composed by Naqash Haider. The song is performed by actor Ali Zafar and Aima Baig. The music rights of this movie acquired by Junglee Music. This movie will be released on 20th July 2018.

Chan Ve Lyrics 

Chan ve… tu meri mann ve
Sohneya… you’re the one ve (x2)
Main dil rakhan saambh tere layi
Mera har song tere layi
O raatan long tere layi
Tu sun sajna
Bana main fankar tere layi
Piyaan main kutt chaar tere layi
Hua hai mujhe pyaar tere layi
Tu mann vi jaa…
Chan ve.. tu meri mann ve
Sohneya.. you’re the one ve
Chan ve (x4)
Tere liye aayi hoon main
Rakhna khayaal ve
Sang mujhe le ja koi poochon na sawaal
Lagta hai janoon tujhe
Kitne hi saalon se
Gir jaaun to bhee laina mujh ko sambhaal
Rahoonga bus tere saath hi
Kisi se keroon ga na baat bhi
Le meri hui life tere liye
Tu meri heeriye
Chan ve.. tu meri mann ve
Sohneya.. you’re the one ve
Chan ve (x4)
Kaatun kaise raatein mera hua bura haal ve
Zindagi main tere bina sur hai na taal
Tu hi hai kamaayi meri tu hi hai kamaal ve
Seene se laga le yun na ab mujhe taal
Hai rehna humein aik baar hi
Chalo ji kerein thoda pyaar ji
Le ker enjoy tu mere liye
Ho mann moneya
Chan ve.. tu meri mann ve
Sohneya.. you’re the one ve
Chan ve (x4)

Chan Ve song is the love song from new upcoming movie Teefa In Trouble. This movie is directed by Ahsan Rahim and produced  by Ali Zafar. In this movie lead role play by Ali Zafar and Maya Ali. Teefa In Trouble movie is made in Urdu language under Lightingale Productions. The film is scheduled to be released on 20th July 2018.

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